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Re: International Save Data Campaign ( a web page)

Personally, I *love* Data, but I hope he doesn't come back, in book form or any other. (Canon has become personal choice - what we choose to accept and what we don't - and I don't accept Countdown - however, I'm more than happy for other people to accept it, our differences are what make us interesting :-D )

What's the point? If a character has died, he's dead. If everyone who dies can just come back again... how boring, quite frankly. Just because we like something doesn't mean it'll last forever. Nothing lasts forever. That's just life, unfortunately.

More permanent things should happen to characters. LaForge is pretty much the same in 2381 as he was at the start of TNGs second season, except now he has eyes. DO something with him! Or kill him/retire him/transfer him, and bring in a character the authors can DO something with.

But that's why I'm *really* enjoying the novels at the moment - THINGS are happening! :-D REAL things, with lasting effects! Yay!

(I don't read William Shatner's Kirk books, either. He died in Generations. HOWEVER, someone has cut a *really* good ending to Generations on YouTube where Kirk lives, and it's FAR better than the actual ending!)
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