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Re: HIDEF..too good?

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You would have seen any imperfections in TMP when you saw it in the theater............

hi-def or Blu-ray is NOT a better picture than a movie has to begin with.
In fact, Blu-ray is still far less resolution than 35mm film.
If you had looked at that matte in 1979 you would have seen the same thing and maybe even seen more of it's 'unreality'.

The difference is of course that you would have been looking at it for the first or second time and would have been less attention to background detail.

Same with TOS. Yes you can see some imperefections, but we've (most of us) seen these episodes umpteen times and you start to occasionly wander form the story and look at minute details.
you show somebody who is open-minded about older sci-fi, but has never seen TOS----they will likely enjoy the episodes greatly and not pay that much attention to a loose thread on a shirt. The 20th time they sure might.

True..and I don't mean to sound as if I am making fun of them, or complaining. As I get older, and after have seeing these things so many times, its fun to try and see behind the curtain, if you will, and the tricks they try to pull on his. Using kids on a set to make it look bigger, that kind of thing...Movies are magic, and I guess you can say that the director is the master magician making it all look good with much help from all the others...

Even though I know KHAN reuses FX scenes, or cuts corners by filming the entire movie on one set (exaggeration I know) doesn't change my opinion that Khan is the best.

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