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Re: Creating a 'TNG Relaunch' collection

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Also, here's some more 'post-finale' TNG books that I'd like to know things about consistency-wise:
"Ancient Blood" by Diane Carey (Day of Honor)
Kind of a technical point, but Carey assumes that holodecks have been around far longer than canon would suggest, though canon itself has been inconsistent on this.

"Kahless" by Michael Jan Friedman
It offers a rather revisionist version of Kahless's history; probably best left to the individual reader to decide whether it's reconcilable.

"The Soldiers of Fear" by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rush (Invasion!)
The Furies from the Invasion! crossover were alluded to in an SCE adventure, so arguably this is part of the broader novel continuity, at least peripherally.

"Ship of the Line" by Diane Carey
This book has compatibility problems with onscreen canon. "Cause and Effect" established that the Typhon Expanse was an uncharted frontier region and showed that the Bozeman's bridge crew included two women; the novel portrays the Expanse as a well-patrolled portion of the UFP-Klingon border and gives the Bozeman an all-male bridge crew.
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