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Star Trek on Blu-ray

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for the first time I noticed a matt-painting I had never seen. Its when Kirk's shuttle comes into the shuttle-port in San Francisco.
were the Blu-ray screengrabs & discussion of what you speak of but they are no longer on the server.

Pindar wrote:
I am staring at zippers in costumes instead officers in uniforms.
Instead of concentrating on the episode I was being pulled out of it by seeing zips and fasteners.
It is the Catch-22.
That is why watching a DVD of an old Trek episode is fine as it is filmic and cinematic.
If TNG, DS9, or VOY were to get the remastered treatment to Blu-ray in HD the same problems would occur where you would be able to see mistakes that were masked by 480i resolution video mastering.
This is why you have fans that DO NOT want Star Trek on Blu-ray (mainly for the cost though). There is a loss of illusion and fantasy or this fictional world with too much resolution than was planned for when the episodes were shot.
The sole exception being Star Trek Enterprise which was telecined and mastered to HDCAM at 1080p and we'll surely see it on Blu-ray in the next few years.
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