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Re: Creating a 'TNG Relaunch' collection

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Thanks for the suggestions thus far, guys. I was aware that there wasn't an official 'relaunch' for TNG, and that the moniker had been unoficially applied to the post-NEM novels, but thought that there was bound to be at least some consistency in novels written and set after the conclusion of the series' on-screen adventures aside from the post-NEM novels that would allow me to create my own 'relaunch' of sorts. In addition to the novels you've suggested, I went and put together my own set of books that I think I could include, but wanted to specifically ask if there's anything in them that isn't consistent with other novels. Here's the list:
"Behind Enemy Lines" by John Vornholt (The Dominion War)
"Tunnel through the Stars" by John Vornholt (The Dominion War)
"Q-Space" by Greg Cox (The Q Continuum)
"Q-Zone" by Greg Cox (The Q Continuum)
"Q-Strike" by Greg Cox (The Q Continuum)
"Diplomatic Implausibility" by Keith R.A. DeCandido
"Dead Zone" by Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur (Maximum Warp)
"Forever Dark" by Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur (Maximum Warp)
"The Genesis Wave" by John Vornholt (Books 1-3)
"Genesis Force" by John Vornholt
"A Hard Rain" by Dean Wesley Smith
Aspects of The Q Continuum trilogy are difficult or impossible to reconcile with some other novels, and "Genesis Wave book three" can't be reconciled with the mainstream (the first two and Genesis Force are mostly fine). I haven't read the Maximum Warp duology, so I can't help there, but "Genesis Wave" one and two, "Genesis Force" and "Diplomatic Implausibility" should certainly join the list, I'd say
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