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Re: HIDEF..too good?

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Is your TV one of the new 120Hz ones? If so, try to look at the movement and depth of the image. It looks like news or sports, right? I noticed it on my sister's set, not knowing that hers is 120Hz, and couldn't figure out why the image didn't look right until I saw it in a store side by side with a standard 60Hz set.

If your set is 120Hz, that may also be contributing to why you're noticing these things now.
I only noticed it because I was actually polishing my screen and while looking at one of the people in distance (Shuttle port) I realized the person didn't move, nor didn anyone else back there. They had real people standing near to where the matt-takes over. I'll give them credit; i never noticed it before. Whoever did the painting really did a great job....

And Clegg, what TIE attack are you talking about. The one where Luke/Han fight them off in the falcon? I'd like to go back and see that again that sort of thing...

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