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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Season 6 Review

That's a very spiky graph in the middle, there's a string of 10 alternations where the score goes up and down, up and down... The average score for the season was 4.769, but that's a largely because of how much I hated the Irish holodeck episodes, if you remove those from the calculation the score is 5.167. Unfortunately those episodes do exist and I have to include the scores for them, but they do skew the results down.

Just like season 4, the most popular score this season was 7, although there was more average episodes than in season 4. If we ignore the two Fair Haven episodes then all the scores fit within the 2-8 range, I considered none of the episodes to be all-time greats, but the only all-time worst were the Irish crap that I'm unusually sensitive to.

11 episodes were below average, 5 were average and 10 were above average.
Best episode: Memorial
Worst episode: Spirit Folk

The Writers

As with season 5, We have two new staff writers this season; Robert Doherty previouly wrote two episodes before joining the staff this year, and Raf Green joined up too. Both of them will stick around through seasons 6 and 7. Mike Sussman also co-wrote one episode but he will be back for season 7, and all of Enterprise, so I'm including him. (He also wrote The Swarm in season 3 which was never included in the writer graph, but now it will be.)

Braga and Menosky both scored 5.75, but Menosky wrote twice as many episodes as Braga so Menosky wins this season. Biller and Raf Green both score 5.333 out of 3 episodes, so they're tied for third place. Sussman's one episode was average. Michael Taylor had a relatively poor season to score 4.6 out of 5 episodes, while Doherty's debut season was worse with a score of 3.5 out of four. But the golden boy of season 4, Bryan Fuller, is the real loser here with an awful score of 3.167 out of 6 episodes. How the mighty have fallen.

This is how the writers stand after six seasons. Menosky and Braga are still falling short of overtaking Michael Piller with scores of 5.606 and 5.529 respectively, since Braga has only two more episodes left and Menosky only the one it seems very unlikely that they will manage to beat Piller. However, Raf Green has a real chance of overtaking all three of them if he has a good final season. Biller is averaging 4.957, so he has a shot of bringing his score above 5 in the final year, so too does Michael Taylor whose score was dragged down to 4.923 this season. Fuller went from being in the top tier writers to his current score of 4.706, hopefully he can salvage that next year. Including The Swarm from season 3 brings Sussman's score down to 4. However, Doherty's debut season on the writing staff combined with his scores for Vis a Vis and Bliss have made him my new least favourite writer on the show with a score of 3 from 6 episodes.

What Would GodBen Do?

Brannon Braga somehow got lost in Thailand and can't find his way out, Ron Moore still quit Voyager in a huff and Rick Berman just plain doesn't like Joe Menosky, so I've been hired as the new head writer for the sixth season. How would I have done things differently?

My plan to improve season 3? Turn Basics Part 2 into a three episode arc. My plan to improve season 4? Turn Scorpion Part 2 into a three episode arc. My plan to improve season 5? Turn Night into a three episode arc. My plan to improve season 6? Leave Equinox Part 2 as one episode. I don't see the point in dragging out that episode to be anything more than a two-parter, having Voyager take more than one episode to find and capture Equinox would have made them seem incompetent. I certainly want more follow-up to Equinox though! They should have had an episode or two about integrating the remaining Equinox crew into Voyager, and Ransom or Burke should have survived in order to stand trial for what happened. They already dropped the ball on this by killing Seska at the beginning of season 3 without giving us a trial, they made the same mistake here.

Why not keep the Equinox around for the season? Equinox survives and is salvageable, so they use Voyager's magic healing abilities on the Equinox to bring it back to a workable condition. Chakotay is given command of the ship and he starts acting a little more independently from Janeway, perhaps even breaking her orders and using the Equinox to go on some mission he feels is morally justified ( la Tom in Thirty Days). I've said for the last three seasons that Chakotay's character has been useless since Seksa died, this would give him some much-needed direction and it could also do the same for Harry by making him the first officer. In Unimatrix Zero Part 2 Chakotay is forced to sacrifice the Equinox in order to rescue Janeway and co. Yes, I'm am stealing the Pegasus plot from BSG, so sue me.

Actually, I'm not such a fan of Unimatrix Zero and feel the episode needed some alterations. The idea of assisting in creating a Borg civil war is interesting but I don't like the concept of Unimatrix Zero itself and wish there had been another way. It could have tied in with Child's Play, they find a way of altering the pathogen in Icheb so that it affects certain races within the Borg and helps them transform back into individuals. It would affect 1 in 4 Borg, not 1 in 1,000,000, that way the rebel Borg have a chance to inflict serious damage upon the collective rather than being a petty nuisance that wont go anywhere. Janeway and the others are modified to carry the pathogen and they allow themselves to be assimilated in order to infect the collective.


Shuttles Lost: 15
Torpedoes: 74/38
Harry Deaths: 3

Season 1 Average: 5.867
Season 2 Average: 4.692
Season 3 Average: 4.269
Season 4 Average: 5.231
Season 5 Average: 4.92
Season 6 Average: 4.769
Overall Average (144 episodes): 4.889

In Summation

This season reminded me of a weaker version of season 4; instability in the quality, several good episodes, fewer "meh" episodes and a drop of quality in the final third of the season. It was less of a slog to get through than season 5 and its long string of average episodes, although Fair Haven has caused the score to be lower than season 5. As we head into the final season the score stands 0.111 away from breaking even with an score of 5.0, in order to achieve that season 7 will have to achieve an average score of 5.667, putting it up there with the likes of season 1. Whether I remain a Voyager "hater" now rests upon the shoulder's of the new head writer, Kenneth Biller. Take it away, Ken...
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