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HIDEF..too good?

We were watching TMP last weekend (I like to use it, and especially the Bluray version when testing something on my TV) and for the first time I noticed a matt-painting I had never seen. Its when Kirk's shuttle comes into the shuttle-port in San Francisco. The 'people' in the very far background are all part of a massive matt-painting, and never move. I had never noticed that before..

Another thing I noticed while watching khan? The first time they show the eel, you can tell it isn't sand at first in the cage..its is some kind of carpet because the sand doesn't move right.

Some of you may have already seen these things, so bravo zulu to you. But now, with my 1080p and blurays, I can REALLY see these things. I especially love the long corridor shots near engineering where you can tell its a matt-painting of the hallway. It really comes through, especially since you never see anyone walking back there...

Are there any more tidbits any of you have that we can look for? Its fun and even looking for things like that never ruins the movies...

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