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Re: Star Trek season 2 on Blu-ray [release date Sept. 22]

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the set is going to contain the DS9-Episode "Trials And Tribble-ations" in HD. I always thought that DS9 had it's post-production done on video like TNG and was therefore unlikley to be released in HD. I wonder what they did with the episode...
Wow I missed that. You are correct. Hopefully they did not just do an upconversion from 480i to 1080p.
There is interest from DS9 fans to remaster the series from these two threads.
If they actually did a remaster on this episode it would be from the original camera negative and had to re-edit the show and the visual effects recreated... hmm. We'll see in September...

Edit to add:
More Tribbles, More Troubles Episode From Star TrekŪ: The Animated Series (HD) also says HD.
I wonder did they give the TAS episode the TOS-R remaster treatment from the original cut negative?

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