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Re: DC Comics' Star Tek (1st Series)

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It's interesting to note that they took two months between issues #7-8 (The origin of Saavik story) to work on their adaptation for TSFS. And #7 was a cliffhanger!
Well, when the comics were originally released, the adaptation of ST III happened to come out between #7 and 8, but I certainly don't file them that way, since the end of #8 leads directly into ST III.

Sarek's wife Amanda is sick in bed and cries out about Spock's Katra.
They were explaining why Amanda misses out on the Fal Tor Pan ceremony of ST III. The ST III and ST IV novelizations show Amanda missing the ceremony for other reasons.

These events are quite close to TSFS and I'm surprised that DC was allowed to reveal such things so close to the film's release.
Did you see the cover of "Starlog"'s official ST III movie mag? Spock, played by Nimoy, is in his white robes on the cover. And, of course, infamously the trailer showed "... the last voyage of the starship Enterprise", with the ship ablaze and falling towards Genesis.

Possible Spoilers for issue 8:

I read #8 last night and it was a nice finish to the story. I like most any use of the Romulans and the fact that Saavik's promised one, Xon, was on an espionage mission for the Federation was interesting. I just wish they'd follwed up more on what exactly the Romulan experiment was. I also enjoyed those Romulan soldier uniforms. In fact, this Saavik origin tale was much better than I remember it being. Clever how they have David and Saavik beam away for their ill-fated Grissom assignment at this story's end, and the blurb at the bottom of the page: "Now go and read our adaptation of STIII..."

Can't wait for Spock and the Mirror Universe Saga in issue #9. It's interesting that Spock's presence is felt so heavily in these first eight issues, yet his absence is also keenly felt, too.
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