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Creating a 'TNG Relaunch' collection

Hi, everybody. I want to start building a more balanced ST novel collection featuring novels/series representing all of the various ongoing series that currently make up the world of 'Trek Lit' (including the 4 recently-announced 'JJ-verse' Star Trek novels), but I'm having some trouble figuring out exactly which novels to pick up for The Next Generation. I would like to limit my TNG collection to a 'Relaunch' orf sorts containing anything set after the events of the televised series, but cannot figure out how far back to go, nor what could/should be considered to be part of a 'TNG Relaunch' beyond the post-NEM novels like "Death in Winter", etc. (which are generally considered to constitute the 'TNG Relaunch') Does anyone have any suggestions for me on what novels could constitute a post-series 'TNG Relaunch' extending back to the year (in-universe) that the series ended, keeping in mind that I'd like to stay as consistent as possible with regards to characters, plot, etc. from novel to novel?
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