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Re: DC Comics' Star Tek (1st Series)

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DC was also doing the comic book adaptations of TSFS and TVH as the films came out, so their writers had to construct their two-year storylines such that they could put everything back in place in time for the next official installment in the saga. Under those circumstances, they turned out some good stuff.
It's interesting to note that they took two months between issues #7-8 (The origin of Saavik story) to work on their adaptation for TSFS. And #7 was a cliffhanger!

I also noticed in issue #7 (August cover date, which means an actual April or May release date) that Kirk and co. go to Vulcan to see sarek about Saavik's Pon Far, and Sarek says to Kirk, "I must discuss my son with you." Kirk says, "later ambassador!" and beams off to pursue Saavik! Sarek's wife Amanda is sick in bed and cries out about Spock's Katra. These events are quite close to TSFS and I'm surprised that DC was allowed to reveal such things so close to the film's release. Still, it was great to have the films referenced so much and upon seeing the movie, the clarity of the references revealing themselves. DC really straddled the line of continuity and their own adventures quite well, considering the obstacles involved.
I loved that "Origin of ... " title. That's strictly a comic book convention, mainly for super heroes. You never hear about an "origin" in TV or movies.
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