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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Starship Exeter, especially The Tressaurian Intersection, is the MOST TRUE TO THE ORIGINAL TREK out there and it will be awesome to finally see the whole episode of The Tressaurian Intersection.
I'm glad you think so. That's what we're aimin' for.

I can't and wouldn't speak for Jimm or anyone else, but getting into a groove to work on this I came to think of it as a Star Trek spinoff that was produced around 1970.
Maybe when TTI is all wrapped up, you guys could screen a special TTI: A Night in 1970 edition!
I don't know that we'd have to change anything.

If someone wanted to collect some of those cool old 1960s commercials off of YouTube and insert them between our act breaks I think that would be a kick. Just make sure that one of them is a Marlboro ad with that "Magnificient Seven" theme.

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