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Re: Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine - Special Edition Screencaps

I think it's wonderful that someone did this independently of the studio. For years, I've thought "The Doomsday Machine" had a timeless quality to its story. It plays for me (and I suspect, other viewers) as well today as the first time I watched it. It never ceases to thrll me how many people were eagerly awaiting the "remastered" version of "Doomsday", and how memorable people find that ep. I've only seen Trekmovie's "VFX Reel" excerpts of the TOS-R version, but Scott's look superior thus far.

I love the sense of depth in the debris fields, and the drifting Constellation. The revamped Planet Killer is a neat design, too. Still, if it were up to me (it certainly is not) I would've made the sucker several times larger. Maybe even 100 km long, since, after all, this thing is supposed to devour planets.
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