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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Unimatrix Zero (**)

It might not the best way to destroy the mythology of the Borg, but having a bunch of them sneaking out at night and meeting up in a forest where they talk about their feelings and fall in love... it's one way to do it. And where did Unimatrix Zero come from? Nobody knows for sure, it's apparently some mutation that happened and affects drones at random. Ask any software developer and they'll tell you that complicated virtual reality simulations are constantly appearing at random with no known source, many of them believe that a wizard may be involved.

But I digress. Unimatrix Zero exists, it's a boring place filled with boring people who do boring things, so naturally it is worth fighting for. It doesn't matter that it will involve taking on the most powerful force in the galaxy, they'll be no match for Voyager's Clever Plan™. That plan will involve three Voyager crewmembers being completely transformed into Borg, which should be good as character development because the psychological scars from that should give us at least one episode of follow-up.

The episode dreams big, which is nice, but some of the concepts behind it all are either badly developed or terrible to begin with. I don't care about the fate of Unimatrix Zero, it's a dull place. The idea of a Borg civil war might be interesting were it not for the fact that the freed drones will be outnumbered 1,000,000 to 1. As for the Borg queen, I don't see what she brings to this episode. But the worst thing of all is that the Borg are unscary again, I felt they had recovered in Collective, but now they seem less dangerous than they were in Dark Frontier.

Torpedoes: 74/38
Shuttles Lost: 15

Yes, I'm counting the Flyer.

Right, you know the drill by now, I'll probably post a season review tomorrow afternoon and then its on to the final season.
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