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Re: DS9 Avatar Contest 113

Thor Damar wrote: View Post
Nah, I think that it's okay I just like the angle in mine (Kira shooting at an innocent old man) so I would like to keep it.
I think that you avatar is fine, as long as no one else uses the same scene as us...

Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
Hmmm...I'm actually feeling inspired on one of these again!
Good to see you again, welcome back!
Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
Just one question on the Random Theme...can it only be sci-fi / fantasy written before the 19th century? Or does it just have to be SET before then?
If I understood Marie correctly it would be ok to use anything set before the 19th century. I don't think it has to be written before that time.

Crimea River wrote: View Post
Yay~ A chance to enter!

Progress. I aim to be different...and the Lissepian is awesome-looking.

From Civil Defense. Just got done watching that episode. Hopefully I didn't misinterpret what the theme meant. XD

And finally, the Random. Chariots, FTW.
Welcome to the contest! And you understood the theme correctly.

apenpaap wrote: View Post
Marie1 wrote: View Post
^ I can't see them. :/
That's strange, for me they appear normally. Can anyone else not see my avatars?
They seem to show up like they are supposed to now.

Odo You Didn't! wrote: View Post
Am I allowed to enter? I'm only a newbie, never entered one of these before.
Welcome to the contest!

Good to see new people entering, Crimea River and Odo You Didn't!
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