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Regardless of how peaceful our world is today, Star Trek has always drawn on comparisons from the real world for its stories. That's a fact. It seems this may be a direct parallel to the Federation being the United States and the Typhon Pact being China, the current superpower being faced with the rise of a new superpower.
Certain aspects of the Typhon Pact, seem to resemble the European Union more - including shared government and single currency.

This is not a simple USA and China metaphor - the Typhon Pact does not resemble the single-state economic partner that China is to the USA (TNG arguably used the Romulans for that, at least to some extent, although they took on aspects of North Korea, Soviet Russia, etc, too) - neither does it seem to be a Warsaw Pact - with a giant Russia using the others as satellites.

If anything, the Typhon Pact resembles a kinda 'dark' EU - no EU member states have had recent major hostilities with the USA, and most are economic partners with the USA - but states in the Typhon Pact like the Tholians have had recent conflicts, and seem to be pretty economically independent of the UFP.
The EU was one of my first thoughts but it never crossed my mind to consider the TP as a 'dark' EU, mainly because there are not really any tensions between the US and the EU but there are with China but that's not the point of this thread. Perhaps they formed this new government because they didn't want to deal with a money-less society? Waiting for these books is going to be painful.
Nobody really understands how the Federation's economy operates - there are conflicting quotes in Star Trek. I think the Federation economy is largely a post-scarcity society, but that luxuary items above and beyond the basic developmental needs of the people, are still traded for. If thats the case, I cannot really see how the Typhon Pact would be much different.

Perhaps the post-scarcity nature of these interstellar economies is what allows them to go off on isolationist policies - in our own time, China could hardly de-couple itself from the US economy, without causing a huge impact - but in the 24th century, the Federation may only gain things like Tholian silk from the Tholians.
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