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'Pax Britannica' mearly refers to peaceful trading conditions, such as absense of piracy, not a lack of suffering amongst the common folk of the world.
Mass suffering has occured throughout history, folks--as have conflicts. When you compare all the risks of massive full-scale war breaking out today with all the risks get my earlier point.
You did not say anything about the risks of a potential nuclear or other WMD war. You simply claimed that the Victorian era was more peaceful than the present era. I and others have only shown that the Victorian era had more violent conflicts and human rights abuses than the modern era has tended to have.

That shouldn't be taken as a claim that the present day is without horrific abuses and conflicts, either. It's simply a statement that things are better today than they were then.

As for Bacco and Section 31...I'd think Nan would surely suspect something by now. I wonder exactly what was going through her mind as she learned that Ross was going to resign.
1. Ross didn't resign, he retired.

2. He retired because she told him he was going to.

There has yet been no evidence established to indicate that President Bacco suspects the existence of Section 31. Doesn't mean she doesn't -- but there's nothing establishing that yet.

I'd put my money on "Now that was a little suspicious...does Ross honestly expect me to believe that someone with his record of loyalty and integrity would assasinate a president? There's more to this than meets the eye...I'm sure of it...."
It's possible -- but, there again, I think something to bear in mind about the Bacco/Ross relationship is that Bacco has never trusted Ross or respected him all that much. If you look at War/Peace and Articles, they're full of scenes between Ross and Bacco told from Bacco's POV that have all these little negative observations and expressions of annoyance or distrust. Bacco doesn't hold Ross in the kind of esteem that we in the audience do.
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