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Re: Kiele Sanchez: Genre babe of the week #32 (Aug. 2009)

Pretty much anything can be made to sound cliched if you break it down into its basic plot elements since the building blocks of drama are well-established at this point, and some would say they've been established pretty much since the dawn of storytelling. Plots tend to follow certain patterns not out of laziness (or at least not always out of laziness) but because those are the patterns of drama that work and that audiences, by and large, find satisfactory and compelling. Enjoyment is to be had from the skill of how known elements of storytelling are combined and all of the little details that are put into a story. If you're looking for originality in some kind of pure sense you're going to be sorely disappointed.

Personally I find Fringe to be a couple of steps below Lost and Alias in terms of being compelling drama (although I enjoy Fringe well enough), and I find Lost to be easily the most compelling and inventive of the three. But to each his own.
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