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Re: Monday Puzzle #3: "Circular Reasoning"

I'll post in thread since the thread is now over.

This puzzle makes no sense for the following reason:

Jadzia wrote: View Post
but the yellow shapes are never square
Ok so a yellow must be either circle or triangle because they are never square.

Jadzia wrote: View Post
neither triangles nor circles are rough.
So a yellow object cannot be rough because a yellow object can only be a circle or triangle.

Jadzia wrote: View Post
While with rough shapes, if they're not circles, they must at least be yellow.
Only squares can be rough, therefore they're not circles and therefore from what you say must be yellow.
But you've said (in the top quote of this post) that yellow shapes are never square.

So this makes no sense at all. It contradicts itself.

How anyone got the answer is beyond me.
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