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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

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And as for 'good Muslim heroes' cleaning house on Al-Q or the Taliban; why should they have to? The story can be about both sets of heroes fighting an alien invasion-it doesn't necessarily have to have them fight the great American bogeymen just so that an audience of mostly American comic book fanboys can see the heroes kick the butts of said bogeymen from here to Pluto.
1) Thousands of dead Americans tell me that Al-Q and the Taliban are more than "the boogeyman".

2) To ONLY portray Muslem metas as "heroes" is an implicit denial of reality. By most estimates, the extremist wahabbi element of Islam amounts to ~10% of the total Muslem population. By that percentage, at least 10 (9.9) of the "99" should be villains.
So by that standard, we can have super-villains who are members of most of those right-wing Christofacist morons that make up about 50% of the American population, and that also participate in terrorism in the next issue of the Avengers or in this team-up book, too...
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