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Regardless of how peaceful our world is today, Star Trek has always drawn on comparisons from the real world for its stories. That's a fact. It seems this may be a direct parallel to the Federation being the United States and the Typhon Pact being China, the current superpower being faced with the rise of a new superpower.

Anyway, the Typhon Pact is more likely going to be a cold war scenario with 'proxy wars' (using this very loosely) to see who gets the upperhand. Since most of the races in the Pact are or have been hostile towards the Federation, it seems to me that the Pact was organized because the Federation hasn't been the 'glory and honorable' power it portrayed itself to be and the Federation helped these races see that they are better together than apart (who better to teach than the very power that knows the benefits of working together?). Maybe they felt the Federation would try to 'sucker them in' and getting them all to commit their forces to fight the Borg was just the start of being "assimilated without even knowing it", as Eddington so kindly put it.

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