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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

The Haunting of Deck Twelve (**)

What a scary tale, I had to change my underpants after watching this one.

Or not. This is a very generic Star Trek episode about a strange alien and computer malfunctions, but they try to gussy it up by placing the action within a ghost story. That helps in a way because it makes a very ordinary episode feel slightly unique, but it is also a hindrance because none of what happens is scary. I can do a better ghost story than that:

Once there was a man that liked to call himself GodBen, and... he reproduced!

Scary, no?

For a scary story about being trapped in a dark ship there is far too many lights operating. Power goes across the ship, but somehow the red alert lights keep flashing? Neelix also mentions that he had to crawl through pitch-black Jefferies tubes, but when we seem him do it the lights are on. I'm sure there was probably some production reason why they had to have the lights on, but it really takes away from the effect that the episode was going for. But it is nice that the writers remembered Neelix's fear of the dark.
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