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Re: The all-inclusive "Sexiest Trek character" poll

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TOS Spock, natch, and Mark Lenard as pretty much anything, but after that, I picked Picard, Chakotay and ST09 Spock. I meant to pick ST09 Pike...but I forgot. Oh, well. Somehow I think he'll do pretty well even without my vote.

I adore Q, and I think John DeLancie definitely has sex appeal as a actor, but the character Q...too puckish and too inclined to consider mortals along the lines of reasonably bright cockroaches, so not so much.
ITA. I remember the first time I saw John De Lancie, it was not in Star Trek, I think it was in his small (and quite pervy ) role in a movie called The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. I thought "this man has such an interesting face... not conventionally handsome, but there is something very intriguing about him".

But, fun as Q is, I always found him petty, childish and annoying, and that pretty much erased the possibility of any sex appeal. (Sorry, Q lovers.)
I agree. John De Lancie is gorgeous. Q, not so much. I guess it's a testament to De Lancie's acting skills that he can manage to make himself so utterly unappealing without needing to ugly himself up with makeup.
I love John De Lancie the actor, loathe Q. So glad I'm not alone.
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