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DS9 Avatar Contest 113

Welcome to DS9 Avatar Contest 113

The winners from last week are:

I am humbled to have won both the episode (Time's Orphan)...

...and the DS9 theme (Odo/Kira) category. Thanks you all for the votes!

Marie won the random theme (Things that Fly) category. Congrats!

Congrats and thanks for the votes!

This contest's episode, chosen by me, is "Progress" from season 1. The DS9 related theme, also chosen by me, is "'Hell Yeah' Moments" , and the Random Theme, chosen by Marie1, is "SF&F Earth History (Pre 19 century only)". You can pick actual earth history or something from a tv show or movie.

Anyone is welcome to enter avatars in this contest! The theme must be DS9 related, while the Random Theme can be from just anything. The avatars have to conform to board rules: Up to 140x140 px and up to 70kb. Avatars will be accepted until August 14 some time in the evening CET.

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