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Re: Jeri Ryan: Genre babe of the week #31 (July 2009)

Thumbs up. I had way too many dreams of her 'assimilating' me when I was a teenager to giver her anything else.

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Jeri used to be married to a politician named Jack Ryan - hence the photos from the various Jack Ryan (as in the Tom Clancy character) movies.

The quotes came from their divorce and custody hearings where Jeri alleged that Jack had attempted to convince her to go to BDSM clubs, wife swapping parties and to have sex in public.

Despite my generally high opinion of Jeri Ryan, it's disappointing that she considered such things to be grounds for divorce. Although to be fair, she and her ex-husband both objected to the court records of the hearings being made public.
Why would that be a disappointment. Virtually any woman would feel the same way. Jack was treating less like a wife and more like a sex object. I'm not surprised she divorced him, nor am I surprised that she wanted the reasons to be kept secret.

The reasons for this divorce do remind me of a good joke though...

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