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Re: Lost SPOILERS Frozen Donkey Wheel!

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It'll be up to the uniquely special Desmond Hume to repair the timeline.
I wonder if they will fix the timeline, or just get everyone back to the island another way (kidnapping, etc...).

I mean how could Desmond fix the timeline? In this new timeline Desmond never lived in the Swan station pushing the button, he never met the Losties (except Jack), he never turned the override key, etc... in fact the very thing that makes him "special" (turning the key) would never have happened, so he won't be "special" in this new timeline.

And how would he change it anyways? Going back in time somehow and stopping Juliete from hitting the nuke? Stopping Jack's plan of getting the nuke in the first place? Either of those options would make the whole last few episodes of season 5 pretty much worthless.

Of course with them changing the timeline so they didn't crash you could say that it make the whole first 5 season of the show worthless since none of it ever happened...
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