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Re: Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta DLC Is Out

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it was allright, shorter than point lookout, but honestly, a weak DLC, corridor, aliens, find a reactor, blow it up, teleport, repeat
I take it the level cap is still 30.

I finished this in like 4 hours, it's way too short. The new weapons are pretty sweet, especially the unique Alien Disintegrator (the name escapes me), which is basically an automatic laser/plasma rifle. You can get off a ton of shots in just a second or two. Unfortunately there is no real new armor, unless you count the Japanese samurai's armor, which you have to kill him to get in the first place. I think there is one of those Winterized Medic Armors that you saw other people wearing in 'Operation: Anchorage', but I never personally found it. One cool new item is the Alien Epoxy, which can repair any weapon without a duplicate (really useful if you aren't near someone who can repair your stuff, or you use unique items a lot).

The spacewalk segment was so incredibly lame. You go out on top of the ship, but all you do is put some little hatches back into place, and you're done. Whoopee.
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