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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Dennis wrote: View Post
Could be. I'm not predicting these things any more.

I spoke to Jimm Johnson last Thursday. Work is ongoing, and he told me something about a practical effect that he's working to integrate with the CG that sounded quite cool. You have to remember that Exeter basically started with Jimm's interest in duplicating "old-fashioned" movie tricks like half-silvered mirrors for laser effects and swirly-stuff-in-a-blender for transporter beams.
Thanks, Dennis. I'm very happy to see your reply. As I've said before, YOU are basically THE reason that I continue to have HOPE for Exeter. Without communication, it's next to impossible to maintain hope. Just knowing that you talked with Jimm last Thu and that he's working on it is GREAT NEWS. Was that the LAST effect he's working on?

I guess when you talk with Jimm, there's no point in asking the "When" question, hey? It sure would be nice if the Exeter website could say "Act IV Coming Soon" -- just so fans could note the change and know that something is still happening. BUT then again, that little change would probably delay the fx-work so don't mention it!

It seemed to me that Jimm is committed to finishing it THIS year. And some reports you've made make it sound like it's pretty darn close now. But I figured, hey it's summer and time for fun. So maybe after some more work sessions in Aug and esp Sept, the final production will be ready for Sept or Oct. I'm only guessing, and I don't even have half the info/insight that you have, but, well, Idk, I just really wanna see it! If you possible could pass this on to Jimm, or email it to him, or something, I'd like him to read this whole post, or at least the following sentence:

Starship Exeter, especially The Tressaurian Intersection, is the MOST TRUE TO THE ORIGINAL TREK out there and it will be awesome to finally see the whole episode of The Tressaurian Intersection.

I am just totally gripped by the TTI episode, teetering on the edge of my chair, waiting for more. That episode really gelled. The character dynamics were perfect! I know there's been criticism in some of the forums about things like Captain Garrovick's interaction with Ensign Richards, but I think they're wrong... if they go back to TOS they would see how TRUE TO THE ORIGINAL TREK this actually was. The character dynamics and tensions, the plot development, the effects were all SPOT ON to TOS!

I wish there was a way that Jimm could find to make this happen more quickly -- more help -- more money -- more whatever it takes.... because I'll be sad if Exeter ends. After 12 years of effort, it would be great if he/they could find some way to produce another episode on a one-year timetable. If fans knew that was a goal, I bet many of us could rally around Jimm and help to make it happen. I can't be the only fan out there who sees that Exeter is the MOST TRUE TO THE ORIGINAL TREK out there, can I?
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