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Re: Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine - Special Edition Screencaps

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My only "quibble" about it would be that your upper and lower sensor domes look almost greenish on my screen. Is that by intent? Are my eyes deceiving me? Is my computer nauseous?
Turn off hardware acceleration in Windows Media Player if the video has a greenish cast. It's an old and well-known problem with some graphics cards and WMV files. I'm still trying to sort out why Vimeo is screwing up the sound synchronization on the video I posted last week... hopefully this will be corrected shortly and there won't be a need to download a 300 meg file.

I appreciate the feedback, and always welcome constructive criticism. The motion of the planet killer in the "reveal" was a deliberate homage to the original effect--the PK is in fact sliding sideways towards the camera in that first shot. It's purely an artistic choice for that one shot--you'll see nothing but verite from here on out.
Better yet, get Media Player Classic and the Combined Community Codec Pack instead. MPC is included in the CCCP download by default, and by using the codecs in the CCCP, I've never had a file I haven't been able to watch, and I've had no problems with anything, as well as having greater control over the player itself.
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