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Re: International Save Data Campaign ( a web page)

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This guy needs to have a drink and a good cry with the Bring Back Kirk guy.
Lol, yeah seriously. I also agree with Messianni's comment. It's not right to blame the whole thing on Paramount. Personally, I think the whole thing is a bit over the top. We all love Data, but seriously, he isn't real. It's almost like you want to just tell that person to get over it already. And it was already said that online petitians don't do much to change anything at all.

That may sound a bit insensitive, but it's the truth. I don't think they had to kill him either. I don't really like to watch the part when he dies. It's understandable that it should touch you emotianally and even make you cry. But then you move on with your life, and don't treat it like your mom just blew up, and you read Star Trek Countdown and watch old TNG re-runs. Because it is fiction after all.
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