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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Thank you for the update. I have to say Starship: Exeter is a pleasure to watch, as much as I wish I could watch MORE of it.

I've included it in my review blog, HF is the only group that has more than one Blog number... and HF has NINE, three of which are just empty and waiting for other series. But I haven't really started reviewing HF because it's sheer volume is intimidating, and I think it's relatively easy to locate. I've watched the first four years of HF, though.

I am hoping to help the less determined Trek fan find fan films without reading 100 BB entries, or hunting through 16 games, 12 audio sites, and 6 film websites with no real films on them.
Nice review site...I hope that the Farragut animated episodes get reviewed on your site. Act 1 goes live Monday, and the full episode will be done by next month.
I'm sure I'll review it eventually. Certainly not before the entire first film is released. I love the Starship Farragut episodes which have already been released, though. I picked their first episode as a "Quick Pick Treasure" which are films I recommend you show to friends who like Trek but haven't yet discovered the world of fan films.

To say I've been surprised at the sheer volume of fan films would be a huge understatement. I think I've found as many sources of fan films in German alone as I thought there were total when I started the website.

The Definative BBS, and this board generally, has been a great source, although I've found many films that aren't mentioned here. The Definitive BBS is wrong about Star Trek:Unity UK. They list it as not available. The film series is on You Tube, and I have links to it at least through Episode 18, which is as far as I've watched. There is no useful index to the series except the one I'm creating. Mine permits you to call up the next episode as you watch. The early episodes automatically call up the next show, but the later ones don't. I'm giving priority to reviewing films series like Star Trek:Unity (UK) which are not easy to find, over series which are better organized and easier to find and better known like Starship Farragut.

I have found Star Trek:Unity(UK) to be, by far, the most entertaining of the teen created series. Unfortunately, the video and audio quality of the early episodes is poor, and I could not make out large portions of the dialogue. I deducted a lot of points for this, and also for having a lot of non-Trek stuff. While Luke Sutton argues (by e-mail, I don't know him and just wrote to him to get a few facts about his series to include in my write-up) that there was a Stargate-like device found in an alien civilization on Trek, (True!) the Federation was not able to adopt it, and what he uses is clearly film and games from the TV series, Stargate. He also uses a lot of Star Wars stuff. Even Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure gets a hello without attribution. I have never watched Dr. Who, but I suspect the source of many other things on the show. However, at the ripe old age of 18, this kid is a master of plot and editing, placing him head and shoulders above the other teen productions I've seen so far. But there is just so much you can do when your filming budget is essentially zero.

When I watch this show it pulls me back to bedtime stories when I was a small child, even though I'm easily old enough to be Luke Sutton's mother. I feel like I am saying to him, "PLEASE, Luke, tell me a STORY!!" and he does. I feel very indulged. But the technical weakness and the mix of non-Trek elements means it doesn't rate highly using my rating system, which gives and takes specific amounts based on set criteria.

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