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Monday Puzzle #3: "Circular Reasoning"

I have 4 different objects on my desk. These objects can be shaped either square, circular or triangular. They can be coloured either red, yellow or green. And they can be textured either smooth, rough or furry.

Now read carefully...

Every green shape I have is either a triangle or a square, but squares are never furry independent of what colour they are.

All three colours are represented in my four objects, but the yellow shapes are never square, and neither triangles nor circles are rough.

I have more circles than smooth shapes. And if smooth shapes are not red, then they must at least be square. While with rough shapes, if they're not circles, they must at least be yellow.

Triangles are never furry. Although circles must at least be red or furry.

Tell me what four objects I have.

Send answers via PM to me. Do NOT post your answers in this thread.
Good luck!
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