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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

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Thats Magneto from X-Men #1. And pretty much every appearence till Claremmont decided to give him a "tragic" backstory.
Who, chronologically, had already had all those things happen to him. It isn't as if he were a nice guy and then turned evil AFTER some writer wrote the backstory. The backstory simply explains how the character got to be who we see in the comics.

I shouldn't have to explain this to you, if you understand basic writing concepts at all.
In the biz those are called "retcons". THings shoe horned in after the fact. "Chronological" is a meaningless term when dealing with retcons. When X-Men #1 was written none of those had ever happened to Magneto. He was written as racist, megalomaniac terrorist. And that a writter would make such a character a Jewish Holocaust survivor bugs me. It strikes me a disrespectful

Again where are all these Black Furys? I mentioned 1602 becuse that was the first Alternate Fury I could recall,
Ultimate Nick Fury (comics)
Ultimate Avengers Nick Fury (dvds)
Based on the Ultimates. Having White Nick show up would be like Alan Scott being the GL in Super friends.
Wolverine and the X-men Nick Fury (show)
Live Action Movie Nick Fury (movies)

I mention Movie Nick already.
"Black Fury" is surplanting the original Nick Fury in the eyes and minds of the viewer/readership. Do you honestly expect the original Nick to show up ANYWHERE outside the 616 comics going forward?
Sounds like what happen oin the Silver Age. the E-1 characters supplanted the Golden Age versions. Change happens.

All caps? Do you really think that helps you make your point? Or lends it more weight? Or does it make you look like a child throwing a tantrum?
No, it draws your attention to something you are obviously NOT reading because you keep trying to compare the re-engineering of core characters, which Galactus and his supporters favor with AUs and legacy characters
No I'm reading it, I just don't by your Chicken Little rant. "Shouting" it won't change that. Presenting a logical cognative arguement might though.

AUs? Alternate Universe? AUs are a great way of re-engineering characters while keeping the "core" version. DCs Silver age exploited that with great success. Ultimate Nick is from and Alternate Universe. So is Movie Nick and Animated Nick. When 616 Nick goes Black let me know. Better yet let me know when 616 Nick teams up with Ultimate Nick. I love those types of stories.

Again you brought up Ultimate Nick as an example of changing a "core character." If you wnat to back way from that feel free.
See above.
The question remains.
Nerys Myk
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