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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

You know there are two major factors that should be considered when thinking about changing the ethnicity, sex, and or sexuality of comicbook characters

1) The comic fans

Now the audience reaction or possible reaction can decide what changes are made to characters and if these changes are premanent

example 1: Hal Jordan

In the 1990s DC decided to change Green Lanterns by replacing Hal with Kyle Rayner and to implement this change Hal should go insane and destroy the Green Lantern Corps and become the villian Parallax and then he redeemed himself and died, oh and they blew up Coast City. This did not go over well with Hal's fans so they brought him back to life, made him a Green Lantern again, and reconted the whole thing as Hal being the meat puppet bitch of a giant yellow grasshopper named Parallax to make said fans happy again.

example 2: Jason Todd

Jason was brought in to replace Dick Grayson as Robin since Dick had become Nightwing, at first Jason was basically a clone of Dick and then after Crisis On Infinite Earths he was reconted to have a different backstory, long story short the audience didn't take on to him DC had a poll Jason was beaten half to death by the Joker and finished off with a bomb, though Jason was brought back later as a bad guy then good guy then bad guy again.

2) How changes in the guys running the comic company affect the changes in the characters.

Sometimes when the head guys are changed out the new guys will either make changes or reset changes until other new guys come and do the same.

Example: The Multiverse

At first the guys who came up with it used it to differentiate the Silver ang Golden Ages ut grew to tell stories without affecting the main continuity and introducing new characters and such. The next guys thought it was too confusing and merged the multiverse into one universe in Crisis on Infinite Earths. The next guys after that decided to recreate the multiverse in Infinite Crisis.

So as you can see there are major factors that must be considered before proposing that a comic book company make major changes to their characters.

Now getting back to what we ARE ACTUALLY DISCUSSING!

I think they should go for it and anyone who doesn't like the idea just remember YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY IT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT.
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