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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

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Potayto Potahto. Religion, sexuality, ethnic background its all the same really.
Yes, a gay, atheist, radical Superman is 100% interchangeable with the traditional values "truth, justice, and the American Way" Superman....:rolleyes
Yes, since being one does not exclude the other.
If you really beleive that, there's no point arguing with you.

He was a sensitive swashbuckler/circus performer raise by a gypsy sorceress. No hint of any religious affilation out side of the occasional "Gott En Himmel!!!"
Explain how that PRECLUDES said affiliation.

Magneto was the guy who took the term "Homo Superior" literally. He was all about putting Homo Sapiens under the yoke of Homo Superior and Homo Superior under the yoke of Magneto. He was a champion of Magneto first and foremost.
That is the tragic "end state" Magneto. Without the life experiences of his youth (in the camp) and early adult life (with Magda), he would not have become that man.

Were else does Black Nick Fury appear? The 1602 version was white.
1602 was years ago. Contemporarily, only the 616 universe's Nick is white. All the other Nicks are portrayed as black.

Thats no differnent than the E-2 Hawkman being human and the E-1 Hawkman being an alien. Different universe, different characters.
NOT what Galactus is talking about, as you have been told several times now. He is talking about taking the CORE character and re-engineering their basic aspects for no valid reason to increase "representation" of "minorities". NOT "alternate universe" NOT "legacy characters", the CORE official character.
Hey you brought up Ultimate Nick as an example of a character being changed. IIRC Ultimate Nick has been black from the get go and 616 Nick is still white. So like I said, what else you got? Do you also onject to Ultimate Wasp beeing Asian? The Ultimate line is an alternate-universe. And Ultimate Nick isn't a legacy. Neither was the E-1 Hawkman, when first created. He was a re-engineered take on the concept, jut as Ulitmate Nick is.
No, because that is AU, WHICH IS NOT WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT...get that through your head. We are talking about changing CORE characters.

So what CORE character has been changed?
So far, none, but that isn't stopping Galactus and his ilk from pushing for it.
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