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Re: Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine - Special Edition Screencaps

Hi Prof...

I finally got around to watching this whole thing... I notice that virtually all the scenes you'd previously done are redone again. Damn, sucks to be a perfectionist, huh?

I did like your earlier viewscreen walk-by better than the new one. I'm not sure why, exactly... just a gut reaction.

I think your shots of the Enterprise are terrific. I've said it before... I think your Enterprise is probably the best-looking fan-made exterior out there. My only "quibble" about it would be that your upper and lower sensor domes look almost greenish on my screen. Is that by intent? Are my eyes deceiving me? Is my computer nauseous?

I miss the somewhat more "rugged" asteroids you'd had before, but I do like the fact that they're not quite as "glowy." I'd expect an asteroid field to become filled with rounded objects like we see there over time (bumping into other objects, becoming rounded by abrasion over thousands of years). This looked like a real asteroid field might... but not necessarily what I expect from a brand-spankin' new debris field. (Then again, I've never actually SEEN a planet-killer-path-of-destruction, sooooo...)

Those are really little teeny quibbles... constructive criticism, but not really anything "wrong" per-se.

I did find myself suddenly thinking "fake" at one point... as the Doomsday Machine came into frame. It didn't seem like it was moving along a natural path... it almost felt like a "camera-zoom composite" and didn't give me the sense of a real, massive object moving through space.

Don't get me wrong... I love your work here, and my socks are appropriately knocked-off. Just providing what I'd hope would be some appreciated "constructive criticism."
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