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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

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......... making NEW characters was the way to introduce your "diversity" if it must be introduced at all.
I will let you explain this part of your post to me cause you follow it up with this........
Frankly, I detest the notion that a person's heroes must be of the same race/ethnicity/etc of themselves to begin with. The idea that a black can only look up to black heroes is racist and insulting at it's core.
Let's please take black and white out of the equation. You do understand that the comics you love was founded on that very principle, that white kids only could like and admire white male heroes that where just like them. So since you agree that this is wrong, tell me how in today's world we should fix the errors of the past. Keep in mind you have to be realistic like I said before. There is only room for so many successful heroes in comics, books, movies, etc so somethings have to be changed in order for comics to not be racists as you said they were if there is only one race out there to look up to.
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