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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

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Gee, fancy that...depicting an American as bitter and mentally unballanced and making a villain out of him in an Arab comic...
Eh, he's not a villain, but one of the heroes, albeit one with a darker history... until he was found by the other "99".

Maybe the other American team member meets with your approval?:

Abena Liza Dagate is an African American woman with an obsessive personality that compels her to organize her surroundings to maddening degrees of order. Liza has a hard time walking through any given day. When she was in school, she'd constantly complain about any inefficiencies she'd see in teacher's programs or even in the school cafeteria's serving method.

Liza left the school system and had difficulty with her career because her condition left her unable to compromise. Liza is tormented day and night by her mind. She goes to work as a junior assistant for a local private investigator so she can at least play a role in cleaning up her neighborhood. Liza begins to see patterns in a long line of drugs and arms busts that point her to a larger operation and a big mind behind it. Her supervisor passes Liza's observations onto the police. At first, there is department-wide skepticism, but then the police make a series of extra seizures of larger value thanks to Liza abilities. Nevertheless, the mastermind behind everything continues to elude them.

The extra seizures make Liza feel so much better as she is finally able to put her maddening condition to a powerful use. The police begin to rely on her skills. In a meeting with the police chief, Liza admires a pretty stone on his desk. He gives it to herhe'd found it on the beach in the Caribbean a few years ago. The gem's powers relieve her mental anguish and still her mind. They allow her to exert control over her obsessions but also multiply her powers of intuition a hundredfold. So now when she needs to bring order to chaos she goes into a painful maddening state from overusing her powers. Soon her powers of organisation extend to code-breaking and anything else that relies on patterns.

The 99 offer Liza a chance to fight against this mastermind villain who the series will eventually identify as Rughal.

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