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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

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I am, however, genuinely concerned about the blatant ignorance of the Middle East coming from some posters on this board. Islam has as rich a cultural history and a myriad of interpretations and followers as Christianity does
ALL RELIGION In My Not So Humble Opinion, all religion Judaism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Mohammedism (the two forms of Islam)....its all a bunch of BullShit

but if you want to go ahead and keep defending Muslim faith then fine.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion and each to their own
Mine is agnosticism, a philosophy based more on logic than superstition

Calling Bullshit on your Bullshit.

Christianity had NOTHING to do with the collapse of the Roman Imperial System, it simply became too big to govern with the weak and corrupt power center that Rome had become.

It was the efforts of Chrisitian monks that PRESERVED the writings of the classic authors of the Ancient World to the extent that they survived until the Renaissance.

Furthermore, it was those self-same monks who tended to produce scholars that made important breakthroughs in maths and science in those days.
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