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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Fury (*****)

Wow, what a fantastic episode! It starts out brilliantly by having Kes turn evil and kill B'Elanna, then it uses my favourite Trek plot device; time travel. Kes travels back in time to the events of the season 1 episode Graveyard at Midnight which was one of my favourite episodes of the first season, as you'll recall (review here). I love it when the Vidiians are used as stock bad guys rather than being developed, they're such a rubbish villain that all they are good for is being used as a generic threat.

One of the things that struck me about this episode is how it manages to fit in with established continuity seamlessly, it doesn't completely change Kes's character arc at all. It makes perfect sense that Kes would do all the things she did in seasons 2&3 with the foreknowledge she now has about how disastrously her life will turn out. It also makes sense that Kes, being an advanced superbeing who has the power to blow things up with her mind, would engage in a convoluted plot to destroy Voyager rather than just outright destroying Voyager.

And Tuvok's part in the story is magnificent, it makes perfect sense that the existence of chroniton particles gives him visions of the future. The fact that he is now aware of Seven, the Borg children and the Delta Flyer also fit very neatly into the series canon.

This is probably the best episode of Voyager yet.

Has Lynx passed out yet?

Fury (*)

I'm not writing another review, just reverse everything I said above.

Voyager fired 3 torpedoes but I'm confused as to whether they should be added to the counter because of the timeline shenanigans. If Kes didn't go back in time at the end then did the events of this episode really happen in the series? Probably, how else would Janeway stop Kes? Okay, I'll add them to the counter.

Torpedoes: 69/38
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