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The all-inclusive "Sexiest Trek character" poll

After all the thread about the most beautiful, attractive, hottest... etc. people in Trek, let's vote on it and see how the population of this forum ranks the sex appeal of various Trek characters.

Mind you, I'm asking you who you find the sexiest, i.e. who you feel most sexually attracted to, not the prettiest or most beautiful. And it is about the characters, not the actors outside of the character.

I've made it multiple choice, because there is too much to choose from to limit to just one and besides, we know that Spock(s) will dominate the male part of the poll, so it's more interesting to see how the others rank. I've made it a coed poll, and even though this will most likely result in a huge discrepancy between the number of votes for males and females, due to the male/female ratio on the forum, at least I hope it will prevent things such as straight men turning the poll in favor of Kirk.

I've listed most of the regulars, the recurring characters or movie characters that usually seem to get Trek fans hot and bothered, and some of the guest stars who seem particularly popular on this board - but since I can't possibly list all of them, there's the "other" option, and please name your pick if that's what you choose to vote for!
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