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Re: Kiele Sanchez: Genre babe of the week #32 (Aug. 2009)

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Again I misunderstood the clue, but I never watched the dismal travesty that was Lost so I wasn't going to get it anyway.
If you never watched it why are you calling it "dismal travesty". Isn't it "abysmal" by the way?

fan of Lost
I watched the sum total of ten minutes of the pilot, and then knew - for the most part - what the entire first season was going to be about. Abysmal is a better word, thanks.

I prefer watching television series that aren't clichéd, that actually make you think, and aren't mindless.
You can't judge a series on 10 minutes.

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^Yeah gotta agree, Lost developed rather quickly into a show that I'd say is different entire to the pilot. It's also one of the few shows currently on TV that have fully rounded multidimensional characters.
Nikki WAS fully-rounded.
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