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Re: DC Comics' Star Tek (1st Series)

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I can't recall - was the M'yra character used as Sulu's romantic interest the same way M'ress was (or did any romance actually develop with M'ress - it's been awhile)?
I believe M'yra was shown pursuing Sulu rather aggressively, with Sulu being intimidated and resisting. With M'ress, it was more mutual, I think.

Would the relationship had that resulted in Demora have necessarily contradicted any romance during the first DC run, or are the comics compatible with The Captain's Daughter?
Demora was an adult in 2293, so she would've already been a teenager at the time of the DC comics. The Captain's Daughter showed Demora becoming an intermittent part of Sulu's life starting before TWOK, but he wasn't in any kind of romantic relationship at the time, having had no contact with Demora's mother after their initial tryst. The main inconsistency is that TCD doesn't assume a great deal of time elapses between the movies, so I think they'd be hard to reconcile in those terms.

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At that time, comic book scripters were still obliged to end every statement with an exclamation point - the only exceptions being if they wanted to use multiple exclamation points!!!
That was because the low quality of the printing process at the time often made periods disappear, so comics writers had to use exclamation points for visual clarity. (This is why a certain comics author is always credited as Elliot S! Maggin. He got so much in the habit of using exclamation points for periods that he absently wrote his byline that way once, and upon seeing it, DC editor Julius Schwartz was amused and immediately issued the dictate that Maggin's name was to be written that way from that point on.)

The blurriness of the printing process (and the use of all caps) also led to a rule forbidding any comic book writer from using the word FLICK.
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