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Re: DC Comics' Star Tek (1st Series)

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I was thrilled when Len Wein reintroduced Arex and M'Ress to the post-ST IV stories, loved the way Peter David was developing them up to the hiatus, and then devastated when M'Ress had to be redrawn as an antelope woman (from Issue #1 of Series II).

M'Ress (below left, b/w) was redrawn (original art was previewed in "Amazing Heroes" magazine #170, Aug 1989, page 99), and replaced by Lieutenant M'yra (below right, in colour), a reddish hominid woman with antelope horns and a devil's tail, in the first issue of Series II.

I can't recall - was the M'yra character used as Sulu's romantic interest the same way M'ress was (or did any romance actually develop with M'ress - it's been awhile)?

Would the relationship had that resulted in Demora have necessarily contradicted any romance during the first DC run, or are the comics compatible with The Captain's Daughter?
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