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Re: Just saw the scariest 20 minutes in cinema history.

mredom wrote: View Post
I think that one of the things that plays into whether you find movies like "Excorcist" or "Omen" frightening, is if you believe in the powers depicted in the movie. I find both movies utterly terrifying, but primarily because I believe in the existence of demons, and the potential existence of an "anti-christ" If those things aren't real to you, they really won't frighten you much in a movie.
Emher wrote: View Post
I'm not religious, I think that does it.
Harvey wrote: View Post
I am also a nonbeliever, so perhaps there is some merit to the point. I'd have to think of other examples of religious-based horror and whether they scared me or not...
I was about to say something to the same effect. The fact that I a believer is why I was outright frightened by "The Exorcist". The belief added to the air of possibility, which is what scares me more than anything else. Not that a film such as "Alien" isn't likewise effective, just not as much.
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