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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

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Referencing stories that "re-engineered" their religious affiliation for the most part, by people who did not create the characters. Though how many of these characters were motivated by their Christianity? Or is it just a bit of window dressing to add the illusion of depth?
Adding to a character is different from re-engineering established traits.
Potayto Potahto. Religion, sexuality, ethnic background its all the same really.

I dunno, making Kurt Wagner a Catholic sounds pretty major. Making him a priest even more so.
It was never established he was NOT a Catholic, so that is a different matter.
Doesn't quite fit with the character as first presented.

Likewise with Magneto. It was never established that he WASN'T a Jew, then reversed. It was added on by later writers. And personally, his Mutant Facisim makes a LOT of sense for a Holocaust survivor. It's the ultimate, tragic extension of "Never Again", and took what was a standard-issue ranting villain and made him interesting.
Doesnt make sense to me. "Hitler made me act like Hitler." It made him inro Dr Doom-lite. (IIRC it was because Claremont couldn't use Doom)

Now making Bruce Wayne gay might be a stretch (the whole playboy thing) but it would not change who Batman is. He would not be any less a detective or martial artist if this happened.
But it would change who Bruce Wayne is. That's the point.
Hmm. I think I already said that.

Out of curiousity how many comicbook characters have had their race or sexuality "re-engineered"?
So far, the only one that has "taken" is Nick Fury, and that pretty much on the basis of Samuel L Jackson's "Chuck Norris factor". What Galactus and his supporters want to see is MORE arbitrary changes like that, which I do not support.
Last time I checked Nick Fury in the Marvel U was still white. The Sam Jackson Nick is in the Ulitmate Universe and the movies. Thats no differnent than the E-2 Hawkman being human and the E-1 Hawkman being an alien. Different universe, different characters.

What else you got?
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