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Re: WATCHMEN - Movie Discussion and Grading (SPOILERS)

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I did like the fact it was alternative history tho,and that the 16th amendment never occurred resulting in Presidential terms of office being unlimited like Nixon having three terms of office.
Or repealed, which seems more likely.

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However some please explain to me why the Comedian was shown to be the shooter at grassy knoll during the Kennedy assassination.
He also flat out implies he bumped off Woodward and Bernstein, so Watergate was never played out. Clearly he's working with Nixon and his cronies, even back at JFK's assassination. The implication being that getting rid of JFK allows Nixon to get elected in the first place (don't forget that JFK beat Nixon in 1960, so there's a revenge motive).

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Also when does a hero become a villain at the end unless he was being portrayed as an anti-hero in the beginning of the film.
When your story is about moral ambiguity.

One funny thing I noticed...I bought the Dirctor's Cut, and the second disc has the "digital copy", but the latter appears to be the theatrical you get both.
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