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Re: Superman and Batman to join forces with Islamic superheroes

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Referencing stories that "re-engineered" their religious affiliation for the most part, by people who did not create the characters. Though how many of these characters were motivated by their Christianity? Or is it just a bit of window dressing to add the illusion of depth?
Adding to a character is different from re-engineering established traits.

I dunno, making Kurt Wagner a Catholic sounds pretty major. Making him a priest even more so.
It was never established he was NOT a Catholic, so that is a different matter.

Magneto's affection for neo Nazi uniforms and extreme views on "race" makes him an odd candidate for Holocaust survivor.
Likewise with Magneto. It was never established that he WASN'T a Jew, then reversed. It was added on by later writers. And personally, his Mutant Facisim makes a LOT of sense for a Holocaust survivor. It's the ultimate, tragic extension of "Never Again", and took what was a standard-issue ranting villain and made him interesting.

Now making Bruce Wayne gay might be a stretch (the whole playboy thing) but it would not change who Batman is. He would not be any less a detective or martial artist if this happened.
But it would change who Bruce Wayne is. That's the point.

Out of curiousity how many comicbook characters have had their race or sexuality "re-engineered"?
So far, the only one that has "taken" is Nick Fury, and that pretty much on the basis of Samuel L Jackson's "Chuck Norris factor". What Galactus and his supporters want to see is MORE arbitrary changes like that, which I do not support.
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