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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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Folks, sorry for the delay in getting back to this project. I got slammed with a last-minute heavy-duty project at work (the key guy had his wife go into labor and I had to cover for him at the last minute), then I had to deal with a funeral, a wedding, and a 100th birthday party (Is it a good sign for me that the centenarian is in better health than I am??). I am back, and I promise once I dig through the backlog of housework and honeydo lists, I'll get back to working on this project. Sorry for the delay, and just to reassure folks, I haven't abandoned it.
Hey, they say that stress is the main factor in health... so as long as you survive to retirement without doing serious damage to yourself, you can "destress" for the next few decades. Makes PERFECT sense to me.

I know that I had more grey hair when I was younger than I have now... because I've removed several sources of stress from my life!
Yeah... getting shown up by a 100-year-old-man was a bit of a wake-up-call. If I want to still be around in the many decades it will take me to reach that same mark, I need to lose some weight and get some more exercise, and relax more. The catch is finding the right amount of stress - too little and you fade into oblivion, too much and you keel over too young. While I have great fun and relaxation doing the modeling, it does require some energy - energy I don't really have after the last few weekends. This is a vegetation weekend. I have another CAD project that I need to complete for a club before I can get back to this one (nowhere near as in depth as this project). I just don't want folks thinking I've abandoned this project out of frustration etc. I haven't. I'll probably be getting back to it in a few more weeks.
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